> With our 2500 square-meter facility, 110 employees, 120 000 units monthly production capacity, from yarn to finished product and the planning department, we are exporting our products to eight countries worldwide. We also make wholesales from our Merter store to Europe, the Middle East and Arab countries.

> We are making our products scrupulously in control of our managers that are experts in their field and our valuable employees, and we reflect this professional work in our products.

> We offer our fashion leading products with our 24 years of experience, our experienced designers and young team by following trends closely.

> Our biggest targets are to become one of the leading companies in design, manufacturing and marketing in apparel industry, and to have a say in national and international platform, thanks to this vision, right decision and determination.

> We aim to reach the highest level of quality and become an example in the industry by working systematically and following technological developments very closely, and making long term investments. Live these with us.